Dr. Frank Scaccia’s medical practice is  Riverside Plastic Surgery and Sinus Surgery Center, Main Office and OR at 70 E. Front St. Red Bank NJ 07701 (732-747- 5300); and  has three additional local offices:  525 Route 70 Suite 3A  Bricktown NJ 08723 (732-262-3695); 4251 Route 9, Building 3 Unit A Freehold (732-577- 8822); 305 Seguine Avenue Suite #1 Staten Island, NY 10309 • Tel: (718) 967-2411
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Frank Scaccia MD FACS
Fellow American College of Surgeons. Dr Frank Scaccia Riverside
Plastic Surgery and Sinus Center in Red Bank New Jersey is located just south of the Shrewsbury River which is a haven for boaters and tourists who come to visit the Jersey Shore. Online Medical Review has selected Frank Scaccia MD FACS is a Dual Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon and Otolaryngologist not only for his expertise, but his personal capability of satisfying his patient’s full recovery with comfort and great ease. Dr Frank Scaccia assures his patients safety after surgery and full recovery. Doctor Frank Scaccia makes arrangements for overnight stays after surgery for out of towners with Nursing Support at two of Red Bank New Jersey’s finest 4 and 5 Star Hotels just across the way from his Offices and Out Patient Ambulatory Surgical Center (See Photo below). Dr Frank Scaccia has his Registered Nurses perform follow up care and attention at either of the two 4- 5 Star Hotels. The two photos above are of the hotel’s window views. Dr Frank Scaccia performs all of his many procedures in his very own Ambulatory Surgical Suite. Just one of a few in the state of New Jersey.

Frank Scaccia MD has made very certain that his surgical suite is impeccable. Doctor’s Pre-Op and OR are equipped with the very latest state of the art technology and the entire Surgical Center is JCAHO accredited.  Dr Frank  Scaccia has sustained a sizable investment in assuring his patients, staff, and himself  that his Center’s Medical Surgical Suite has the very best Accountability and Capabilities and is done with Integrity.

Doctor Frank Scaccia has a Web site properly optimized for many of his procedures. Dr Scaccia has a very long list of National Awards and Accolades which as a result has brought Dr Frank Scaccia patients from around the world. Europe, Africa and all over the US.

Below are “Before and Afters” of African Ethnic Rhinoplasty performed by Dr Scaccia on this African woman. Truly an Out Of  Towner.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty is just another specialty for Dr Scaccia.

There are two other Ethnic Rhinoplasty Before and Afters available on the Photo Gallery – Dr Frank Scaccia – Before and Afters – Ethnic Rinoplasty. One Asian shown below and a Spanish Rhinoplasty. Web site: www.riversideface.com

Online Medical Review selected Dr Frank Scaccia for appraisal and in special recognition of his many Facial Plastic Procedures. In 2007 a gentleman from Germany sought to find a Nasal Surgeon to correct what two other plastic surgeons in his home country, hadn’t done proficiently. This gentleman found Dr Scaccia through the search engines and immediately made an appointment while he was visiting a friend in Canada. He came to Dr Scaccia had his ReDo Rhinoplasty. According to our documentation this man is 100% satisfied and extremely grateful to have found our selected Physician Dr Frank Scaccia of Riverview Plastic Surgery and Sinus Center in Red Bank NJ.

“Before and After”… Asian Ethnic Rhinoplasty performed by Doctor Frank Scaccia an Award Winning Facial Plastic Surgeon. Patients travel from all over the Tri State Area for Dr Frank Scaccia and his Facial Plastic Procedures. Dr Scaccia’s offices are just one hour out of NYC. One hour and twenty minutes from Atlantic City. And just 10 minutes to the finest Beaches in New Jersey. The Town of Red where Doctor  Scaccia is located is one of,  if not the most prestigious cities in the Garden State, New Jersey. The finest shops, restaurants, and live entertainment at the Count Basie Theatre. Out of  Town patients coming for surgery with Dr Frank Scaccia may be offered some free limousine service the day of surgery or after a local hotel stay depending on the type of surgery and or its severity. Doctor Frank Scaccia offers this Both to and From either the patient’s homes if in the Tri State Area or the International Airports of Newark, JFK, and LaGuardia. Or Atlantic City International in Pamona NJ and Philadelphia International to the south.

GMNews September 3, 2009 Online Medical Review takes special note:

Dr Frank Scaccia Innovative sinus technology brings patient from Africa to New Jersey

Monica Mensem had a medical problem, not a deadly type or even a rare one,but actually something that affects millions of people worldwide — chronic sinusitis. Her dilemma though was finding someone to treat this condition and free her from all of its symptoms:headaches, stuffy nose, postnasal drip and fatigue, to name a few. However, Mensem lives in Nigeria and finding a specialist was no easy task.Being a prominent judge in that region, though, did allow her more options and she was driven to find a solution. In addition to visiting many of the local clinics, she also traveled to Dubai,only to be disappointed by their inability to adequately treat her.Finally her brother,who lives in northern New Jersey, recommended that she come to New Jersey to see Dr.Frank Scaccia,a sinus specialist who has been in private practice in Red Bank and a surgeon at Riverview Medical Center since 1992.

Mensem first visited Dr.Scaccia in August 2008.At that time she explained to Dr.Scaccia her lifelong struggle with a congested, pressure-filled,always-dripping nose.

A thorough evaluation then followed, which included allergy blood tests, history taking, endoscopic examination of her nasal cavities,cultures of nasal secretions,and a review of her previous sinus X-rays. Conservative management with medications was attempted first in hopes of curing her without a procedure. Medical treatment during her one-month initial visit to the United States included three weeks of sinus-specific antibiotics, steroid sprays, decongestants and saline nasal washes.Although in some patients treatment with the proper medications will significantly help the symptoms, in her case it wasn’t enough.A C.T. scan utilizing Brainlab protocol was then done, which confirmed her sinus condition.A sinus procedure was then offered as an option to potentially permanently eradicate her nasal and sinus symptoms.

After much thought while back in Nigeria, she felt that the surgery option was her best choice,and she made plans to return to Dr.Scaccia’s Red Bank office later that year.This past December she underwent functional endoscopic sinus surgery, septoplasty, customized inferior turbinectomy, and had a cartilage graft placed in her nose to help support the tip and keep the nostrils open.The sinus surgery is a minimally invasive procedure all done through the nostrils,with no bruising and very little swelling.There is very little pain,and patients are able to breathe through their nose during the entire recovery process. Most patients are back to work in as little as a few days to a week.

Dr Frank Scaccia utilizes the latest technology for sinus surgery, including Brainlab’s image-guided navigational system and Stryker’s high-definition fiber-optic camera/monitor equipment. Balloon sinuplasty is another exciting innovative sinus procedure that Dr.Scaccia is beginning to use on selected patients. Riverview Medical Center has always been on the forefront of sinus technology and was one of the first hospitals in the state to use Brainlab navigation and then later Balloon Sinuplasty.

Mensem stayed in New Jersey with her brother for an entire month to make sure she healed properly.Now more than two months after surgery, she is back in Nigeria and back on the bench as a judge, completely free of sinus headaches, postnasal drip and a stuffy nose.

Dr. Frank Scaccia’s medical practice is  Riverside Plastic Surgery and Sinus Surgery Center, Main Office and OR at 70 E. Front St. Red Bank NJ 07701 (732-747- 5300); and  has three additional local offices:  525 Route 70 Suite 3A  Bricktown NJ 08723 (732-262-3695); 4251 Route 9, Building 3 Unit A Freehold (732-577- 8822); 305 Seguine Avenue Suite #1 Staten Island, NY 10309 • Tel: (718) 967-2411
For more information, visit http://www.riversideface.com.